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It’s Me, Andrea!

I am so excited for this day. I’ve been working hard to go live with my new brand, name and website for months and there is so much anticipation behind this release. There is also a bittersweet feeling, almost like an internal sigh, that comes with this day. Today, as I introduce you to Andrea Kelley Photography, I’m bringing to a close a much loved chapter that is Heart of a Lens Photography.

In 2015, when I found the courage to go “public”, aka, make a Facebook page for my photography, I thought long and hard about what to call myself. After a great deal of deliberation¬† I decided on Heart of a Lens Photography. I had no idea what I was doing. I was not consistent, I was not focused and I was completely self taught (and probably not very well). But I was thrilled! Since then, I have invested in my education as a photographer, I have honed in on what I enjoy photographing the most and I have worked to form a much more consistent style to earn the trust of my clients. Heart of a Lens has been with me through all of the growing pains, all of the amazing opportunities and all of the excitement. It’s gone from something comfortable to stand behind while my very shy and reserved self worked to “put myself out there” to something that I have proudly promoted over the past year. Heart of a Lens will always be my baby – my starting place.

Andrea Kelley Photography is something new. Literally, it’s going to be my new name! It’s also ME. It’s me stepping out from behind the safety of my previous business name. It’s me putting myself and my face on my work so that my clients know exactly who they are getting. The me that has come so far since that very first Facebook post back in 2015. And the me that will continue to improve and strive to serve my clients well. I can never be all things to all people. I have to remind myself everyday that I can better serve my ideal clientele by living by those words. I hope that with this launch there is a more focused drive in my work because I want to do what I do skillfully and give my clients the experience that professional photography should be!

Lastly, with the switch to using my name as my business, I will be sharing more of myself. My work is truly my passion, it’s personal and as I have said a hundred times, you need to know me to trust me. Keep up with my work, my personal adventures and occasional tips and tricks I’ve learned by following along with my blog.¬† This is a crazy and exciting time in my business and my life and I cannot wait to get started on this new chapter for my photography. So, welcome! I’m Andrea of Andrea Kelley Photography and I’m so excited that you are here!


I can't wait to hear all about your vision for photos and help bring it to life! Submit a contact request below and I will be in touch within 1-2 business days! 

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