Maternity Session–Baby Peterkin

It seemed like the weather had been working against me for a week. Nothing like a session that can’t be rescheduled and a 90% chance of thunderstorms to slightly stress a photographer out! Most clients stress out about the possibility of a cloudy or rainy photo session but when I warned Makaylie of the likelihood of bad weather, her response was perfect. “If it rains, we will just play in the rain”. I smiled to myself because I couldn’t think of a single argument. It’s one of the many reasons that I know this strong, beautiful, courageous lady is going to make an absolutely incredible mother.

As I prepped my gear in the parking lot before their session, thunder rolled all around and the sky looked angry and daunting. Thankfully when Makaylie and Andre arrived we exchanged hugs/introductions and got started while there was a break in the storms. Y’all, these two were complete naturals and adorable together! It was a session full of giggles and laughs and pregnancy updates. To my surprise, we never had to use the backup rain plan and actually even got just a few moments of sunshine. In fact, it wasn’t until we took the last shots and started walking back to the car, discussing delicious dinner ideas that the bottom finally fell out. Talk about amazing timing! But really, who’s paying attention to the weather when you have a glowing mama-to-be stealing the show?

I cannot wait to follow along on this new adventure the two of you are beginning. I am so thankful to have had just a tiny part in the story, preserving these sweet moments and memories before Baby Peterkin’s August arrival! Thank you both for your trust in me, and for risking the crazy weather! Baby Boy, you will be so loved!


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