Hannah + Cain | Married | Muse Farm Wedding

I’ve started this post at least 3 different times. And because I can’t seem to decide where to start, I’ll just start by saying that Saturday at Muse Farms, with Cain, Hannah and their families & friends, was a perfect day. A much anticipated day. A day that finally arrived after tears, stress and set backs, and as a result of the love these two share for one another and their unwavering excitement and determination to celebrate the start of their forever with the ones that love them the most!

I met these two for the first time last May, at their venue, for their engagement session. I loved them immediately. They giggled through their entire session and were total naturals! As we waved goodbye, I turned back around and said “hey, only 10 more months and we’ll be right back here, getting you two married.” Ohhh how God was shaking his head at that comment. Time ticked on and 2020 approached. I had a sweet baby girl in January and through those cold months of winter I was counting down the days to April 4th, my first wedding of 2020 and my first time back behind the camera after becoming a mom. Then March hit. In like a lion, out like a Lamb? Ha, no lambs about it, y’all! As life around us started to unravel, I kept a nervous eye on the calendar but a few weeks out, I got the message from Hannah I had hoped and prayed wouldn’t come. She and Cain were being forced to consider a change of plans. A few days later they made the final call and moved their wedding date. That decision came on a day that was already difficult. I remember sitting at the counter in my kitchen and finally having a good cry. I was a bride not so long ago and I couldn’t imagine the heartbreak and anger that Cain and especially Hannah felt in having that perfectly planned day ripped out from under them so unfairly.

I say all of this simply because it is part of their story but on Saturday, none of it mattered anymore. There is always a moment, usually just after the ceremony when I am starting bride and groom portraits. They have just exited the ceremony and they are officially married. They look at each other with a big sigh of relief and say something like, “wow, it’s done, we are married” followed by giggles and smiles. I know for Cain and Hannah, this moment brought true relief and happiness after so much stress and hard work to make their dream day come to life. It was magical, like I knew it would be. And I am beyond honored that I am the one who gets to hand them the tangible memories from this perfect day!

Cheers to you both, your special day, your marriage and all of the adventures that await. 💗


The Magic Brought to You By (Vendors):

Venue: Muse Farms (Breman, GA)

Photographer: Andrea Kelley Photography

Hair + Makeup: Anna Hope Hair and Makeup

Florist: Amanda Clayton Designs

Dress: Downtown Gowns

DJ: ClubBrett


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