Erin + Sarah | Married | Lawrence Plantation Wedding

Last October, when I met up with Erin and Sarah for their engagement session, none of us could have guessed what 2020 had in store. Not in a million years. To say that these two had their fair share of plot twists and obstacles that lead to this day might be putting it lightly. But you know what, it was a perfect day. And if you know anything about the day or the stress that lead up to to it, you might be scratching your head. Here’s the thing. A perfect marriage is made up of two imperfect people. And a perfect wedding day? It’s woven together by moments, both perfect and imperfect, and at the end of the day, the flaws only make it better.

So let’s talk about those moments. Was it perfect that it started to rain just a half hour after we started pictures? No. But the way Erin looked in her dress, that was perfect. Was is perfect that an hour into the reception, the entire wedding was sent to the basement of the venue because of a tornado warning? Not ideal. But the look on Sarah’s face when she turned around to see Erin, her bride, for the first time just a few hours earlier? More than perfect. And was it perfect that a football game that was the focal point of the reception’s tailgating theme, was rescheduled to a week before the original date because of COVID “complications”? Not initially. BUT, both of those teams won on Saturday night, during that reception, and guys, that can’t happen if they are playing each other! Erin and Sarah took it all in stride. With unwavering confidence and faith in the team they had entrusted with their day. They showed up for each other and their people showed up for them. These two are loved BIG and on Saturday it showed. So, was it a day without flaws? No. But it was 100% a beautiful day, filled with a tremendous amount of love and a ton of fun!

I am so grateful to have been a part of this dream team! Be sure and check out the other amazing vendors below!




And a special thanks to the dream team for making the magic happen!

Venue: Lawrence Plantation

Photographer: Andrea Kelley Photography

Florist: Bussey’s

Bridal Hair: Brittany Pledger

Bridal Makeup: Katie Robertson

Planning: Seasons Events

Catering: Seasons Events

Band: Michel Jons Band

Cookies: Sweet Crumb Co.

Cake: Gabriel’s Bakery

Dress: Perfect Dress of Rome


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