I have sat down a few times over the past 6 months with the intention of sharing a few more personal aspects of my life. It always overwhelms me. I work myself up to start and then never follow through. I read a recent post by a well known, talented photographer that I follow on […]

About Me

January 12, 2019

A Look Back at 2018


A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Roberto, inquiring about an anniversary photo shoot to surprise his wife while they visited Rome for their 25th wedding anniversary. How incredibly sweet, I thought. He went on to tell me that he wished to gift her with experiences for their 25th year of marriage, rather […]


December 16, 2018

Roberto + Lizzie | 25th Anniversary Session | Berry College


My 2018 wedding season has officially come to a close but oh, what a way to end it! I’ve been looking forward to Amber and Lance’s downtown wedding day for well over a year! This sweet couple holds a special place in my heart. Last fall I had the honor of starting this wedding journey […]

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November 24, 2018

Amber + Lance | Married | Downtown Rome, GA Wedding


As a natural light photographer, I shoot 90% of my sessions outdoors. This often leaves me obsessively checking weather forecasts leading up to a session. In fact, I have at least 3 weather apps on my phone. In case one is giving me bad news, I consult another, praying (sometimes offering useless bribes) that it […]

Proposals and Engagements

November 15, 2018

Oak Hill Engagement Session | Rome, GA Photographer | Becca + Cody


I’ve always heard that some people are just meant to keep coming back into your life. I feel like Marie is perfect example of that! We first met when she and her siblings started attending the same school that I went to, somewhere around middle school. We went our separate ways a time or two, […]


October 20, 2018

Marie + Doug | Married | Carrollton, GA Wedding


We were up before the sun with enough bags and gear packed to suggest we were headed on vacation. I knew the drive north would work wonders to calm any lingering jitters I had about the wedding day to kick off my fall season. I didn’t realize at that point that the only thing I […]


October 11, 2018

Lakeside Wedding | Kingston, TN | Laura + Jerry


This was one of those sessions that reminds me why engagement sessions are so important and so fun! 90% of the time, when I book a wedding, I communicate solely with the bride during the booking and planning process. If it weren’t for the engagement session, I probably wouldn’t meet the groom until the wedding […]

Proposals and Engagements

September 7, 2018

Sunset Engagement Session | Rome, GA | Shane and Jennifer


What a summer it has been! And what better way to start the “Back to School” season than with a gorgeous senior session?? It was a session that had to be postponed because of weather and turned out to be the most perfect weather imaginable (if you can get past that Georgia summer humidity!). I […]

Senior Portraits

August 22, 2018

Cedartown High School | Rome, GA Senior Photographer | Madison


I’ve come to realize that I deal best with my own stress by staying busy. Sometimes, ridiculously busy! In the months before my own wedding, I filled my schedule up as much as possible and that included photographing as much as possible. Once the big day was over, we had recovered and the dust settled, […]

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July 5, 2018

Flirty Styled Wedding–Marietta Square Georgia


I love weddings! Really, LOVE them! I love attending them, I love photographing them, I loved my own wedding. Well. I loved my wedding DAY. I did not love the planning process. Thank goodness it’s a once in a lifetime thing because I NEVER want to plan my own wedding again. And while I was […]

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June 7, 2018

Wedding Insights from your Newlywed Photographer