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Sunset Beach Portraits-Santa Rosa’s Emerald Coast

Today I am bragging on my ladies! I’m exactly 24 days away from saying “I Do” to the love of my life. I can’t wait! But last week was a big bundle of stress as our wedding date hit the One Month Away mark and things started feeling like they were closing in. Thankfully, my stressful week ended just in time for girls weekend to Florida and my lovely ladies knew exactly what I needed! I was pampered, spoiled and loved on all weekend by my amazing friends. Speaking of friends… they even themed the weekend around one of my favorite shows, Friends! I mean they went all out! We even had “I Do Crew” tanks with the signature from the show and exactly what I needed to hear… We’ll Be There for You!

While I may be terrible at not only snapping quick phone pictures but also wanting to be in them as well, I did convince two of these beauties to deck it out in long gowns, hair and makeup for some stunning sunset portraits on Santa Rosa’s Emerald Coast. This is the perfect example of never being afraid to dress things up. We may have looked a little ridiculous next to everyone still in swimsuits but just look at how these photos turned out! If you follow my work, you most certainly recognize these two faces and now you know who they are! Meet Sonora and Amanda, half of that I Do Crew I mentioned earlier! Seriously, don’t I have some gorgeous friends?

This week I’ll make it short and sweet but I wanted to share some of this beauty with you all! If you get the chance to have portraits taken on the beach, do it! If you get the chance for some quality time with some even higher quality friends, absolutely do it! The waves, the sunshine and these ladies (and the two not pictured) were good for the soul and I am so blessed and fortunate to know they will be standing by my side in a few short weeks as I go from Miss to Mrs.!



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