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Tatum Acres Engagement | Samantha + Austin | Jasper, GA Photographer

If you ever have the opportunity to visit The Barn at Tatum Acres, and your first thought isn’t to run across the mountain top fields belting the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music…well, I don’t know if we can be friends. No but in all seriousness, this place is magical! From the picture perfect white barn to the fields of tall grass catching that late afternoon golden light and north Georgia mountain views for daysss, we couldn’t have dreamed up a better location.  If Saturday screamed fall vibes, Sunday, with Austin and Sam was like summer’s final farewell with all of this amazing late summer glow.

Austin and Samantha totally killed this session! I have loved this girl’s sweet, vibrant energy since out first phone conversation and getting to meet them Sunday just made me love them both even more. Their fun love story spoke to my heart, especially the part about Austin putting Sam through an agonizing wait of knowing her engagement ring was IN their house for months before officially popping the question! And I know the wait for July will also be a long one, but oh so worth the wait!

I had the best time with these two and I cannot wait to get them married next Summer!



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