What a special thing it is to be brought into a sweet, young couple’s life, in their most exciting and joy filled season yet. Not only to get to meet and witness them in that season, but to be the one to document it and freeze those moments in time. I knew from the first […]

Proposals and Engagements

December 18, 2020

Morrison + Ryan | Engaged | Muse Farms Photographer


I’ve started this post at least 3 different times. And because I can’t seem to decide where to start, I’ll just start by saying that Saturday at Muse Farms, with Cain, Hannah and their families & friends, was a perfect day. A much anticipated day. A day that finally arrived after tears, stress and set […]

For Brides, Weddings

August 25, 2020

Hannah + Cain | Married | Muse Farm Wedding