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Kelsey + Jackson | Engaged | Rome, GA Photographer

One of my favorite things to hear when planning engagement sessions with my couples? “We have some family land we would like to us!” It usually means beautiful, wide open spaces, sentimental value and a new adventure. Sure, I have my arsenal of favorite spots that never disappoint but I also love shooting somewhere new, especially when it holds special meaning to my couple or isn’t a place that just anyone can access! So when Kelsey asked if we could use Jackson’s family’s land it was an easy yes! And y’all, it was just perfect!

This session came at the end of a 2 week span of nothing but bight, sunny skies. But Sunday afternoon, as their drew closer, the skies clouded over and real fall feeling set in. I’m always a fan of the glow of golden hour but sometimes, the moody, cloudy sky just works! Fall is a time when it 100% just fits and makes the colors just starting to peek through, absolutely pop. I loved finally meeting these two, exploring this gorgeous property and hearing all about their wedding plans for next October. Kelsey and Jackson were the sweetest and so easy going and laid back! I know it’s going to be a great time getting them married next year!



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